Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Outing Club (UMOC)!

“But really, what does UMOC do?” you ask?

Like our motto says, we take people out into the woods and do things with them. Should you be scared? …..Nope! We do all sorts of outdoor activities: hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, ice climbing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, and caving. We have a gear locker stuffed with gear for rent and we have a cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We also offer leadership opportunities to those who are interested in becoming trip leaders!

Anyone can join. Everyone is welcome with open arms, smiles and handshakes (whichever you prefer). Our leaders are ready to accommodate everyone and their ability levels. You literally need ZERO experience to participate in any of our activities! No matter who you are, what your ability is, what your experience level is, you can join and come on trips with us.

The outdoors offers an amazing opportunity to do many fun activities and to experience the world as you have never experienced it before. It can be a place of sanctuary and peace, fun, happiness, lasting friendships, and a place where you can find the strength to pull through challenges you never imagined you would have to face. It is a base, a home away from home for many of us, and we want to welcome you wholeheartedly into our experience. Whether it is for a day hike, a paddle down the river, or if you decide to come along for our more intense trips and the exciting journey of leadership, there is something here for everyone at UMOC! We hope to meet you soon!

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Still have questions?? Email us! outing@stuaf.umass.edu